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Never underestimate the power of the human mind to work wonders.  

Now there is something that really works to unlock your true potential!

If you have ever felt trapped by...  
...Poor health, Personal problems, Relationship issues, Business challenges, Employee conflicts.

The Mindskills Approach
  ~ It works to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  ~ It works to Improve Health and Vitality
  ~ It works to Increase Skills and Performance
  ~ It works to Overcome Bad Habits and Addictions
  ~ It works to Change your Life in the Direction You Choose
  ~ It works to Influence Behaviour
  ~ It works to Create Great Leaders
~ It works to Provide the Ultimate Advantage

It’s Fast - It’s Effective - It’s Unique

If your life feels like you're trapped in a prison of limitations, or you're just not living up to your full potential, chances are you have a conflict between your conscious desires and your unconscious beliefs. This kind of conflict shows up in poor relationships, low self-esteem, ill health, misery, poverty, weight gain, weakness of all kinds, grief and loss. If you are facing challenges in any of these areas, personally or professionally, then the Mindskills Approach can help you to rewrite the software of your mind in order to change the printout of your life! 

The Mindskills Approach is an advanced form of behavioural change and is the only integrated coaching style that focuses on developing You at a Core Level.  Every single act we perform, every decision we make, every behaviour we exhibit has at its core an emotional trigger that fires it.  We all have them but the problems arise when we allow someone else to press the trigger. The Mindskills Approach is about teaching you control - so you decide Who Presses your Buttons. 

Here's something to ponder over: If you take nothing else away from this page that's fine, but consider this.

Our world is changing at an ever increasing rate so those who are finding it difficult keeping pace just now will find it impossible once they are left behind.

Continued survival in our rapidly changing world will require new skills, new techniques, new learning and new ways of thinking.  Apathy is not an option.  The cost and suffering caused by 'Adhering to the Old Ways' will be huge and incalculable. 

You cannot afford to be an 'Also Ran'! 

If you have a problem, a hope or a desire, something that is blocking your progress and you are asking yourself if the Mindskills Approach can help, think about this:
Wilf Archer
PhD, Chartered MCIPD, CMIOSH, GHR (Reg)
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Pioneer of the Mindskills Approach

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The Ultimate in Professional Health Coaching 

The Mindskills Approach - making a difference in personal health care.

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The Mindskills Approach - a solution that works.

There is nothing in your life that isn't affected by your Core Emotional Triggers.

And the most powerful emotional triggers are the ones that get triggered automatically, the ones rooted in your unconscious mind.  Unfortunately the unconscious mind doesn’t listen to logic, doesn't listen to reason but instead persists in sticking to its habitual ways.  The unconscious mind automatically monitors your environment and doesn’t judge whether its behavioural response is good or bad, healthy or debilitating, empowering or weakening – it just insists on repeating its usual pattern, the pattern set by adhering to the old ways because that is what it knows.  Your unconscious mind believes that what worked before will work now - it is wrong!  The world is a very different place and requires very different mind skills.

There is an old saying - If you always do what you always did, then don't be surprised if you always get what you have always got. 

Change your Mind - Change your Life.

Changing your behavioural response is easy, all you need to do is communicate directly with your unconscious mind and take its finger off your trigger. 

And there are two ways to do that - You can...
  • Stress Yourself Out Battling with Dogged Determination and Aggressive Will Power in the hope that it might work;  or

  • Speak directly to your unconscious mind in a language that it can understand.

The Mindskills Approach works because it teaches you to communicate directly with your unconscious mind so that you can regain conscious control of your emotional triggers.  

The Mindskills Approach works because it uses the most effective elements of NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki and Cognitive Educational Psychology to fill the gaps in your awareness.

The Mindskills Approach works because it pieces together your emotional jigsaw.   If you think of a Jigsaw where each piece represents an automatically triggered emotional response to any situation, the number of pieces is indicative of your Emotional Intelligence (i.e. the more pieces you have the more emotions you can experience), Emotional Competence is how easily these pieces fit together.  The Mindskills Approach works by revealing the picture on the box, your box, your life as how it should be.  A life where you have mastery over your emotions instead of your emotional state having mastery over you. 

The Mindskills Approach works to develop the gift of discernment so you can make the right decision, take the most effective action and respond in a way that you choose.  

The Mindskills Approach works because you get to experience real Emotional Freedom not just a technique.

Because it builds on your existing resources the Mindskills Approach will work for Everyone - All individuals and Every Profession.  

What's the next step towards emotional mastery?
  • If you have a problem that is ruining your life or business...
  • If you are ready to let go of your emotional burdens...
  • If you are ready to reclaim the power that is rightfully yours...
Then Call 01236 736815 for a free No Obligation discussion.

Take charge and take control - it is the least you deserve.

We have reached that stage in progress when our creeds and laws must change,
When our honest thoughts and efforts must have wider scope and range,
As we stand at this new beginning - freed from ignorance and strife.
Poised in anxious readiness for the tools to Change our Lives.
For your FREE No Obligation Discussion as to How the Mindskills Approach can Help You.


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Why Positive Thinking Alone Doesn't Work
For the answer to this and your Free copy of The Mindskills Approach Self Help Guide
'Change Your Mind-Change Your Life'

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Testimonials from fellow professional business people, therapists and coaches:

The Mindskills Approach introduces a whole brain approach to behavioural change and problem management.  The following are a small selection of testimonials from a cross section of the business community.    

“Thanks for the support Wilf.  The information you provide is just unreal. I’ve been a salesman for years and I thought I knew all there was to know about the selling game.  However, your teachings into psychological influence and persuasion is nothing short of phenomenal. Its simple and yet so powerful” 

Steve Bird
Director of The Proppa Coffee Company

Stress and Time Management in a Cup.

“Just a quick note to say thanks Wilf.  Since our first meeting my business has expanded exponentially and it is due to a whole new approach to dealing with people.  I was sceptical about the Mindskills Approach when I first learned about the claims but what an awakening.  It is fantastic and I have used the techniques in every area of my life now, Business, Lifestyle, Relationships and Health.”

Mandy Collins
Estate Agent  
REMAX Real Estate

Mob:  +44 (0)7763178995
Email: mcollins@remax-scotland.com
Web:  http://www.remax-realestate-cumbernauld.co.uk 

“Following my subsequent visit last week, I just thought that I would update you on my progress.   I find using the Mindskills Approach an absolute boon. Using the techniques has virtually changed my whole outlook on life (I always believed in positive thinking) but now I feel the work that you have  done with me has  given me an injection of enthusiasm.  Also my partner has found the pain relief techniques to be of an enormous benefit.”

Sylvia Campbell.
EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master

"Absolutely amazing.  The clarity that this gives is extraordinary.  The potential of the Mindskills Approach to change how therapy and coaching is done from now on is phenomenal."

S. Beacham
Therapist and Motivational Life Coach

"May I publicly say thanks to Wilf Archer for the very informative and enjoyable weekend seminar, it`s only Thursday now and I`ve already more than recouped the cost of the seminar by obtaining corporate work using the knowledge gained, I have to wholeheartedly recommend this seminar if Wilf is kind enough to organise another one in the future."

Frank Lea
Corporate Coach

"I would like to thank you for an enjoyable course and for sparking off so many ideas and avenues to explore, one thing I did realise, perhaps the most important thing too was that I am not treating my skills and attributes as a
business quite enough as I should be.  In short, you gave me a kick up the [backside] (backside is the edited version)!"

B. Watson

" I very much enjoyed the seminar thank you. The timing was perfect for formulating our marketing strategy for the business launch so I’m very glad I came along. I went home with loads of goodies and I can see myself glued to the PC watching endless hours of DVD material…all in a good cause though."

Bev Holden
CIPD Business Coach

"I have been on courses for Reflexology, Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, EFT, Chiropody, but when I decided to study with Wilf Archer, I struck Gold.

His tailored approach to my needs not only gave me a strong grounding, but also showed how to apply them to the therapies I already have. Then he went further, his promise is to give more than you expect, and not only did he do that but it was great fun too. Thank you Wilf"

Sally Smith
Complementary Health Practitioner

Hi Wilf
Thank you for fulfilling the task we gave you and that was “to give us back our son”. 

Serving in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other places had taken its toll on his life and whilst the army had given him great support in dealing with his Post Traumatic Distress and ME he was still floundering.  He needed to believe in himself again and also take back control of his life and that is what you have given him.   Hopefully he can now go on and using the skills you have taught him fulfil whatever goals life has to offer in the future.

Thank you once again
Bruce & Margaret MacLaren

The Mindskills Approach is an empowering and enabling system drawn from Wilf Archer's Mindskills Therapy and Competence Coaching and often works where all else has failed.  

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The Mindskills Approach works directly by developing the problem solving skills of the Individual/Manager and has proven extremely effective in areas such as ...

Business Coaching
supporting managers in:
Attraction Marketing
Influence and Persuasion Management
Covert Advantage in Sales
Employee Motivation
Risk Management
Stress Management
Behavioural safety
Health and Safety Management
Asbestos Management
Vibration Management
Harassment Counselling
Anger Management
Emotional Competence
Prediction Management
People Management
NLP for Managers
Training Management
Human Reliability 
Project Management
Occupational Health and Safety

Personal Issues
Dyslexia Coaching
Parenting Skills
Bereavement Issues

Smoking Cessation
Weight Control
Goal Setting
Nail Biting
Self Confidence
Performance Anxiety
Bed Wetting
Relationship Issues
Public Speaking
Fertility and Pregnancy
Personal Stress
Exam Nerves
Driving Test Fears

Wedding Nerves
Habits and Addictions
Self Image
Sports Motivation

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